In 1971, a group of professional musicians started performing works they’d always wanted to play, but didn’t have the opportunity to do so in their regular orchestras. Right away audience members were drawn into the music, connecting with the passionate interpretations of an ensemble performing music they love.

As time went on, the ensemble grew to include strings, winds, and piano and became a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in 1984. “The Musical Offering” got its name from a work of the same name by J.S. Bach, a favorite work of the founding members and audiences alike.

Going on nearly half a century, The Musical Offering sustains a healthy organization through concerts that transparently invite you to enjoy and engage with the music on stage. It’s easy to do because the ensemble – composed of top Twin Cities performers from the Minnesota Orchestra and University Schools of Music – delight in the challenge and exploration of chamber music. Generous sustaining donors and institutional support continues to propel The Musical Offering ever onward in performances of unmatched music quality and of uncommon camaraderie between musicians and audience members.

Explore what we’re about on our website.  Get to know our musicians, who are some of Minnesota’s highest-level professional performers.  Read up on news, program notes, and recordings from our blog.  Most importantly, find out when our next concert is and get your tickets!

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