Mission and History

Since 1971, The Musical Offering has been the Twin Cities’ premier chamber ensemble. The Musical Offering treats you to something you can’t find anywhere in the area: we perform the world’s best chamber music for the price of a movie ticket.

Explore what we’re about on our website.  Get to know our musicians, who are some of Minnesota’s highest-level professional performers.  Look at our galleries and listen to some soundbites, so you can get a taste of what our concert experience is like.  Read up on news from our blog.  Most importantly, find out when our next concert is and get your tickets!

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  1. we have your events listed on st paul’s #1 mobile guide. and it’s 100% free! check it out. use our facebook page, too, to promote your events. thanks for the email listing opportunity. I look forward to checking out a concert in April!

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