An Update from the Intern

Greetings, friends of The Musical Offering!

My name is Alex Legeros, and I am interning with The Musical Offering this season.  I love chamber music (enjoying both listening and performing!) and this group, when it gets down to it, is really unrivaled around here.  My impressions after working with TMO for a month and attending their first concert is that first off, these musicians are amazing.  I knew quite a few of them before coming on board from MNOrch, but to see them work in a setting like this is a real treat.  I was taking pictures of them during their dress rehearsal and was captivated by how they can hear and make changes to everything that’s going on in the music and adapt instantly.  There’s a real artistic freedom in chamber music because there isn’t one person with the baton making all the choices!

I’ve also been impressed by the people–which of course includes the people who perform! They’re really passionate about what they’re doing. They want to reach people from all over the region. They want to perform at the highest possible level. They have set their aim high and are excited about pursuing that goal.  It’s a great atmosphere to join, and I feel like I am really helping!

One of my projects will be to re-develop this website and increase our online presence.  I ask that you please bear with me as I keep updating and changing things.  Along with that, enjoy poking around the new website (hopefully I can convince the musicians to blog a little!), upcoming facebook page, GiveMN page, and keep a look out for other neat stuff coming online soon.  Check back!  You never know when I might put up some .mp3’s for you to listen to.

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