TMO in the news, November 2013

The Musical Offering is gaining new attention in the Twin Cities for our work online. MinnPost, in this article by Pamela Espeland, spotlights our recent Google Grant and our use of responsive web design to create a low-cost but high-powered website. What do you think? Comment below! In a bigger story from Classical MPR, The […]


Sponsor TWO musicians for the price of one this Thursday! Do you enjoy listening to The Musical Offering’s concerts and want to help sponsor a musician? This upcoming Thursday, November 14th is Give to the Max Day, our goal is to raise $2,000, which sponsors a musician for an entire season. Your gift can play […]

Google Supports The Musical Offering

We are proud to announce that Google recognizes The Musical Offering as an important non-profit, and has awarded us up to $10,000 a month in their AdWords service as well as given us a free suite of apps to better organize our work. We are stunned by the size of Google’s support of The Musical […]

Bassoon… the “Sea God?”

Written by Executive Assistant Alex Legeros One of the frustrating parts about being a bassoonist is that people expect the instrument to be a grumpy grandfather, a goofy clown or even a melancholic tenor. Composers (and don’t get me started about people who “compose” for bands) don’t understand the instrument; they hear a funny noise […]

Vienna’s legacy of style and beauty

The Musical Offering’s 43rd season begins with a program exploring Viennese style through a wide range of surprisingly connected works. This is the second year of The Musical Offering’s focus on the cultural legacy of Vienna from 1780-1930, where we perform works by great composers like Strauss, Brahms, Beethoven, and Schubert and discover equally great […]