String and winds

The next concert  of our Musical Offering season is a program I’ve wanted to do for a while, as the Mozart Piano and Wind Quintet and the Beethoven Septet were the first works of their genre and had an influence on many other composers. The Mozart Quintet (1784) influenced Beethoven to write his Quintet for […]

The clarinet, Mozart & love

I grew up playing alto sax and clarinet in a 1940’s swing band. Little did I think that I would spend nearly 30 years as President of the Board of The Musical Offering, one of the finest chamber music groups in the country. I came late to chamber music; it is, indeed, one of the […]

Greetings from the Muses

This blog is calling Musings because it’s about our thoughts on our music. True, the Greeks thought of the Muses as nine separate entities or deities, and only one was dedicated to music. But Musings struck us as an appropriate name for ideas about the Musical Offering’s kind of music. Musings are ideas, images, rhythms, […]