Google Supports The Musical Offering

We are proud to announce that Google recognizes The Musical Offering as an important non-profit, and has awarded us up to $10,000 a month in their AdWords service as well as given us a free suite of apps to better organize our work. We are stunned by the size of Google’s support of The Musical […]

Bassoon… the “Sea God?”

Written by Executive Assistant Alex Legeros One of the frustrating parts about being a bassoonist is that people expect the instrument to be a grumpy grandfather, a goofy clown or even a melancholic tenor. Composers (and don’t get me started about people who “compose” for bands) don’t understand the instrument; they hear a funny noise […]

Vienna’s legacy of style and beauty

The Musical Offering’s 43rd season begins with a program exploring Viennese style through a wide range of surprisingly connected works. This is the second year of The Musical Offering’s focus on the cultural legacy of Vienna from 1780-1930, where we perform works by great composers like Strauss, Brahms, Beethoven, and Schubert and discover equally great […]

“The Flute is the Pretty One!”

Program Preview: September 15th, 7:00pm Reviewing: Sonata for two Flutes (1918/1920) – Charles Koechlin and Au-delà du temps “Transcending Time” (2002) – Yuko Uebayashi “The Flute is the pretty one!” by Alex Legeros Last month I had the opportunity to perform simple woodwind quintet arrangement for preschoolers as part of my army musician training in Norfolk, VA. […]

A letter from Artistic Director Norbert Nielubowski

To our loyal Musical Offering audience, Attached is a note from Paula DeCosse of the group Orchestrate Excellence.  This is a group of committed Twin Cities classical music lovers who are concerned about the now 5 month long lock out of the Minnesota Orchestra and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra musicians.    As Paula mentions, this action […]