Minnesota Post

“To the delight of those present [at a royal audience with Frederick II], Bach — according to lore — improvises the three-part fugue on ‘The Royal Theme’ that has become part of the collection we hear today. It’s a perfect chamber moment — up close, intimate, informative, concentrated, enjoyed by a small audience of enthusiasts. That’s [also] the goal of The Musical Offering, which has 11 members this year, along with some guest performers, and is planning a season of four concerts. ‘Our goal is to make chamber music as accessible as possible,’ said Norbert Nielubowski, a Minnesota Orchestra bassoonist who is sharing the ensemble’s artistic directorship with pianist Rees Allison, the only remaining founder of The Musical Offering who is still performing with the group.” — David Hawley, MinnPost.com, October 2009

National Public Radio

“Basil Reeve began playing with the then-brand new chamber music group, Musical Offering, almost the minute he moved to town in 1971. For almost four decades, he’s enjoyed presenting concerts of varied repertoire, building an audience, and discovering new pieces and new ways to play old pieces. This weekend, he steps down from Musical Offering, but not before playing a new piece written for him by an old friend, James Bolle….” —Alison Young, National Public Radio, 27 May 2009


“After 35 years, the Musical Offering has become multigenerational. Some of the newest members hadn’t even started music lessons when Allison and Reeve were anchoring the group. With every new member, ‘the musical and personal dynamics change,’ [Norbert] Nielubowski [the Offering's bassoonist] said. ‘[Members] sometimes have different views on how the music should be played. It’s up to us to come up with a musical statement that takes these different views into consideration while remaining faithful to what the composer wanted.’” — Janet Lunder Hanafin, Avenues, January 2007

Star Tribune

“This lively program devoted to 20th-century music” featured Bartok (played with “ample rhythmic punch and … pungent harmonies”), Francaix (a “lovely tune … played with special grace”), and Carter (“clear and rhythmically assured”). —Michael Anthony, Star Tribune, 2-20-2001

Pioneer Press

The Musical Offering should “play to packed houses, given the quality of its playing and the creativity of its programming.” In this Baroque concert, J. S. Bach was set in context along with works by W. F. Bach, his eldest son, and the little known Bohemian composer, Jan Zelenka. “There is little stuffy about the Musical Offering. Amusing program notes delivered from the stage give the feeling of an intimate salon — and that is the best way to hear this kind of music.” — William Randall Beard, St. Paul Pioneer Press, 11-20-2000

Star Tribune

“Despite being the area’s oldest continuously performing chamber music ensemble, the Musical Offering plays with uncommon skill and a youthful spirit.” — Michael Anthony, Star Tribune, 11-19-2000

Pioneer Press

The Musical Offering was “masterful in [the] season ender,” a concert of Viennese Masterpieces by Mozart, Schubert, and Brahms. The Mozart trio was performed with all of its “playful exuberance” and “rich textures.” The Schubert piano sonata featured “elegant, if restrained, accompaniment.” Brahms’ piano quartet was played with “appropriate passion and energy.” Altogether, “This was some of the most exciting chamber playing of the season. It is always a treat to watch the committed and intelligent performances that the Musical Offering offers.” — William Randall Beard, St. Paul Pioneer Press, 4-9-2000

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