Mozartiade concert announcement

by Alex Legeros, 
Executive Director

February 8th, 3:00pm | Sundin Music Hall | $50 all-inclusive ticket

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Our biggest concert of the year - Mozartiade! - is less than a month away, and tickets are on sale now. This concert is modeled on last year's Schubertiade, where a record number of audience members enjoyed an evening of Schubert's chamber music and Viennese fare. This tradition combines elements of what made the first performances of these works so special: an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, conversations about the works facilitated by their performers, and a chance to enjoy the company of musicians and fellow concert goers.

After exploring Vienna and its cultural legacy, our favorite discovery are these Schubertiade-style concerts. First, most chamber music was written for and performed in exactly this setting, and recreating this tradition leads us to experience music in a deeper, more authentic way. More importantly though, I think good food and good company keep us engaged with the spirit of the music. As one musician we all know (but shall remain nameless) said to me, "I mostly listen with my eyes closed. As long as you don't snore loudly, people are okay with it." It's easy to passively enjoy a chamber concert, but it feels a lot less lonely when you can talk about the music with friends over a glass of wine right in the moment.

2Plus, you get to enjoy great music and great food! What could be better than that? The Viennese appetizers and desserts last year were wonderfully scrumptious, and I can't wait to see what's on this year's menu. These concerts have brought out the foodie in each of our musicians, too - apparently there is a strong correlation between loving food and performing chamber music. 

This tradition is certainly not one we will leave behind! Come join us on February 8th for an unforgettable concert!

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