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Caroline Lemen, Horn

Caroline Lemen is one of Twin Cities’ most thoughtful and balanced horn players, performing across professional genres while fostering young musicians. A veteran performer at the Minnesota Orchestra, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, and the Ordway, Caroline also teaches at the University of Minnesota’s School of Music and at Macalester College.

Click the play button below to hear an excerpt of Caroline from the opening of Hasenöhrl’s Till Eulenspigel – Another Way! from our April 1st, 2012 musical humor concert.


  1. Hey! I was just looking around to see if you were on Facebook, and I found this page. Glad you ended up playing horn for a living! The public is lucky! I see Debbie “West” McFadden quite a bit, as she lives near Houston, where my youngest goes to school (University of Houston, music ed). She has twin boys who are very nice, smart, talented guys. They’re 21-ish. I’m teaching elementary music and private piano. I do quite a bit of accompanying on the side. So are you on Facebook? Who are you in touch with from college?

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