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Jim Jacobson, cello

Cellist Jim Jacobson grew up in the Boston area and studied at the New England Conservatory. To date, he’s played in orchestras, operas, ballets, TV commercials, movies, chamber groups, Broadway shows, and even in subways. Here in Minnesota, Jim has had the pleasure of performing with the Minnesota Orchestra, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, Minnesota Opera, Chamber Music Society of Minnesota, Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble and numerous other local groups. Two Pieces for cello and piano, written by a 16-year old Anton Webern is a short and very uncharacteristic work for the modernist composer. Performed by Jim alongside Susan Billmeyer in concert March 17th, 2013; click the link below to listen.


  1. Hi Jim,

    Great concert yesterday (Jan 16th) at Sundin Hall. The Musical Offering is my favorite local chamber group, and I thought yesterday’s concert was your group’s best ever — or at least during the last five years when I have been attending.

    You may recall that we spoke at some length after the performance last summer at Camp du Nord. I really enjoy listening to your cello.

    Good luck.

  2. Hello, I am looking for a summer cello teacher for my 12 year old son. He has been studying for 2 1/2 years with another teacher and I am looking to try out a few new teachers this summer. Would you be available for a sample lesson or 2 or 4 this summer? Sort of as a summer camp lesson experience. I saw your promo for musical offerings and I like what I see in your face, character and joy-wise (which is important, because a child’s music teacher also becomes a mentor and role model.) I went to high school with your wife, but I was in a different class and I am sure she doesn’t remember me. Because of that, though, I know you’re “good people”! Small world. We like our current teacher just fine, in fact, we like him a lot, but I do not like the venue where the lessons are taking place much. (MacPhail). I was hoping that lessons with another teacher, maybe you, would take place in the teacher’s home or in a smaller studio. Would you be interested? Please reply. Thank you! Kearn B., formerly Froebel. Today is May 30, 2013.

    • Hello Kearn,

      I am so sorry that your question was left unanswered this summer. Our ‘tech guy’ is at basic training, and our website has been idle since he left this spring. If you are still interested, I can pass along your request to Jim. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

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