We did it! We met the Pohlad Foundation Challenge!

The Musical Offering is proud to announce the success of our largest campaign in all of our 41 years! We are elated by the show of support made for this professional chamber music ensemble. It inspires us to know that in our community there are those who value great music and will generously contribute to our pursuit of that art.

We have a lot to be grateful for in this accomplishment, but it isn’t just in terms of our bottom line. The Pohlad Family Foundation Challenged us to raise $10,000 over a span of just a couple months this past fall–but not just any ol’ $10,000: that money had to come on top of what we’d usually raise in a year. We took the opportunity to reach out to new members and old friends, and took the challenge as a good reason to start growing the family again.

Sure, we now have money to look into some pretty groovy ventures–and be on the lookout this spring for a big announcement!–but for us, the most important part of the process is bringing more people to our music.  Not to sound cheesy, but that is what we “offer:” great music played by some of the world’s best musicians in a setting where you can engage with both music and people–and of course, for the price of just a movie ticket.

Our heartfelt thank-yous again to all who made this momentous occasion come to fruition.

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