Schubertiade Menu

by Alex Legeros with Caroline Lemen, horn

Schubert’s music was hired as background music for the food and festivities at what we now consider the first Schubertiade. No one could have predicted how well-received the teenage Schubert’s music would be that night, nor the popularity of this now centuries’ old tradition honoring his musical legacy. Even though his chamber works take center stage, Schubertiades have always included food and refreshments – and not simply as post-concert reception.

We punctuate his music with food because, at its roots, this is a party! And we will have awesome food at this upcoming weekend’s party.

There’s no other way to say it: Caroline and I love good food. Both of us are avid bakers and enjoy sharing our craft with friends and family–that is, at least in my case, if I don’t end up eating the whole fresh loaf of bread in one sitting. We are excited about the regional cuisine featured on the Schubertiade menu (Caroline got to attend the tasting – Lucky!), and we hope this will whet your appetite for this coming Sunday:


Caroline notes that there will be gluten-free crackers for the sausage and cheese spread, and the stuffed mushrooms are vegetarian-friendly. Personally, I’m looking forward to the crispy potato pancakes and sampling the pumpernickel bread with sausage and some of the mustard, which Caroline told me is remarkably flavorful.


I bet these Viennese desserts will be just as memorable for you as the Octet which follows them. Chef Emmet and his bakers’ bite-sized Sachertortes will satisfy all the sweet-toothed chocolate lovers in the audience! We’ll also have Linzentorte, which have red jam between two special almond cookies. And don’t let the “f” trick you, these Apfelstrudel bites are a regional savory-sweet apple pastry.

Our breaks will be held in the adjoining Simley Theatre lobby, with ample seating in various arrangements. Special thanks to Caroline and the members of our food committee who envisioned and brought to us a great paring for the music of our Schubertiade! Get your tickets here today if you haven’t already!

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