Viennese Cuisine – Mozartiade!

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Mozartiade Menu

One way this concert is set apart in our minds is the chance to prepare food not unlike the way we'd prepare music. Practice: oh yes, sampling is very important! If you attended last year's Schubertiade, you have already done a little "practicing" for this as well. But that's one step too far already; it'd be as if we reached into the music library and started rehearsing whatever piece we'd grabbed.

The menu we've selected for this event is characteristically Viennese, especially the desserts like Sachertortes and Apfelstrudel. What's more is that these foods are exactly the same kind people would have enjoyed at chamber music concerts like the Mozartiade back in Mozart's time, because you can pick up and enjoy them wherever instead of being confined to a dinner table. In this way, the food (and wine - there will be three varieties as well as beer, additionally coffee, tea, and water) facilitates conversation and a fluidity between enjoying the music and enjoying each other's company. 

On the left are scrolling images of some of what we're serving on Sunday. After intermission, hearty appetizers like the Chicken Schnitzel and Bavarian potato pancakes will refill us before the final two pieces. Following the final bow, we return to Simley Lobby to enjoy desserts and the company of our musicians, who will doubtlessly be looking forward to a glass of wine after what promises to be a stunning, physically demanding concert. 

We hope to have whet your appetite before Sunday! Gluten-free and vegetarian options will be available and plentiful. If you have dietary concerns or questions about the menu, don't hesitate to reach out to us via e-mail ( or phone (link to contact page). Be sure to get your tickets as soon as possible to ensure your food will be waiting for you!

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