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News from The Musical Offering can be found online in three places, and if you’re reading this you already know about one of them:, our website.  We also send E-Mail announcements to those who subscribe to our list, and we have a Facebook page too!  Here’s a little more help (if you need it) to keep up with us online:

The Musical Offering sends concert reminders and important updates to those on our e-mail list.  It’s an easy way to keep up with The Musical Offering without having to constantly check up on the website.  Plus there are always little gems about the music and musicians in those e-mails that never quite make it to the website’s news feed. Click on the link to the right to subscribe (it takes less than a minute).

We also keep a Facebook page, so you can follow us and share us with your friends online easily.  Click Here to land on our page, and while you’re there, “Like” us!

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